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Nurture and pamper your senses in Vila Herberstein. Our plates are deliciously smelling works of art, composed of fresh, local ingredients that are not afraid to be paired with culinary delicacies from around the globe. While you’ll be raising your glass, the kitchen personnel will be passionately, knowledgably and lovingly busy designing new culinary adventures for the next time you visit us to enjoy our culinary works of art.

Awaken your senses

Where would your taste buds like to travel today? Let our experienced staff tell you about the history of the eminent building you’re in and taste the advantages of our fresh, seasonal menu. The seasons in a single spoon.

Comfort? Guaranteed! We are aware that even the most delicious food cannot be enjoyed if you can’t relax, which is why we will do everything we can to make you feel at home. You will be served in a kind, yet non-intrusive manner.

A wonderful experience

Cosmopolitan, modern and classical cuisine will not weigh you down – it will nourish your body and soul, invigorate and relax you. The ingredients that only made a short trip from the field to the pot are full of energy and sun.

In our pots and pans, the bounties from the soil, water and air are combined with the help of fire into wonderful dishes with the signature of chef.

Passion and beauty

Our Vila Herberstein, a true daughter of its time, was born in the period of late Romanticism, when beauty was defined by architectural elements from the Antiquity and people took refuge in the nature, half wild, half tamed into intricate gardens.

Its sumptuous details and mighty walls in the heart of the forest, which used to be available only to nobility, are nowadays accessible to anyone who always wanted to step into a time machine… While, of course, keeping all the comfort of the modern day world.


The wonderful building of enviable age we are working in was restored and saved from demise by Gorenje and entrusted to Gorenje Gostinstvo. Thanks to meticulous maintenance, the house has become even more beautiful throughout the years, while preserving the beauty of architectural art of the 19th century. Its interior is filled with warmth, homeliness and positive energy, which is the inspiration for our kind welcome and excellent offer, making a magical impression on anyone entering Vila Herberstein. We have knit close bonds with everyone who respects nature: farmers, fishermen, winegrowers, cheesemakers, stockbreeders… Our cuisine offers the best of nature and can please even the most sophisticated taste buds and the most critical pair of eyes.


With a touch of nostalgic, cosmopolitan and familiar – combined into a unique experience.

Daily Menu - 3 courses – Dynamic, corporate, colourful.
The business menu consists of excellent courses, served quickly and elegantly.
15,00 €
Vegetarian menu - 3 courses – Charming, surprising, intriguing.
A magical menu exploring the local ingredients, emphasis on surprising meals with a touch of tradition.
21,30 €
Tasting menu - 5 courses – Inspiring, relaxed, timeless.
This cosmopolitan menu brings meals from around the globe to your plate. Gastronomy that will pamper you and others.
43,00 €


We offer superb wines and freshly made dishes. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction; you will be served elegantly and our sommeliers will classily advise you on the choice of wines.