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Do you enjoy eating healthy prepared exquisite dishes and exploring new flavours? Do you wish to pamper your loved ones with your culinary masterpieces and to discover small secrets of the great culinary?

The culinary workshops are intended for all those who have some basic cooking knowledge and are aware that healthy and delicious dishes pave the path to happiness, success and a long life.

• to design and prepare a four-course menu,
• to bake meat or fish, keeping the crust crispy and tender,
• to prepare a sauce that will round up the aroma of the main dish,
• to ensure that the vegetables preserve their colour, vitamins, and minerals

We will prepare selected seasonal four-course menus, in accordance with the best of what nature has to offer in each season.

With all the attention and affection we will devote ourselves to creating a cosmopolitan menu consisting of dishes that come in a proper succession, and complement and intertwine with each other.

No less than five and no more than ten persons. The workshop is also suitable for smaller motivational meetings.

The first workshop will take place on Friday, 16 September, the remaining ones will follow every week until 16 December 2016.

We will start at 16:00 h, and during a four-hour workshop, we will eat each prepared dish accompanied by selected wines, and then move on to prepare the next one.
You can prolong your culinary enjoyment with an overnight stay in the exceptional ambience of the famous bourgeois villa that will certainly remain an unforgettable experience.

For all participants of the workshops, an overnight stay is available at particularly favourable prices.

Each participant will receive:

• a recipe booklet,
• a certificate by Vila Herberstein,
• new knowledge and unforgettable memories.

We also offer gift coupons so you can bring joy to your family, friends or business partners.

Gift coupons can be ordered by e-mail


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