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We are constantly setting ourselves new culinary challenges, which is why the kitchen team of Vila Herberstein consists of energetic, curious, continuously learning culinary enthusiasts. Challenges, changes and novelties never cease to inspire us. We are always inventing and testing new recipes.

Locally grown ingredients with an intact, genuine taste. Plates rich in nutrients that don’t weigh you down. We are confident in keeping the balance between simplicity and masterpiece.

We join hands with everyone who loves our piece of land, nurtures it and cooperates with it and dares to dream.


Our menu contains the best products from our Šalek valley – we make our own bread using the flour from old local mills and we prepare dishes from homemade dairy products. Occasionally we flirt with the new French or modernised Slovene urban cuisine with surprising twists.

We serve meat from cows and lambs that grazed at 400 to 700 m above sea level. The Šalek valley is a land of old orchards – in the autumn we pick apples and in the spring we enjoy strawberries.

You won’t hear nor see our work or the music of our pots and pans from the kitchen. But you will sense them. The energy we instil into our dishes is invisible, but flows nevertheless, like everything made with love.

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