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We grew up in our granny’s kitchen, but throughout our experience we have shaped our own vision of gastronomy. We select our suppliers carefully, based on knowledge as well as sixth sense. Selecting ingredients, we rely on our skilfully trained eyes, noses and hands. We are friends with the seasons that help us create the menu. Good fresh food does not necessarily equal expensive food. What has grown in our surroundings is our best and first choice. We learn from each other and share our knowledge selflessly. You can ask us anything – we have nothing to hide. We wear our heart on our sleeve.

Taking small steps towards a great goal.



Our worst nightmare would be a pretentious sommelier. This is why we employed kind, modest and nonintrusive people who are aware that you and your well-being come first.

One might think that true wine connoisseurs in a restaurant need no help in choosing wines, but this is most certainly not the case. A true wine connoisseur will always consult with the house sommelier, as they work in tight cooperation with the chef and know exactly how certain dishes taste, because they tested in advance how a dish combines with a certain wine from the house cellar. Of course, the sommelier has narrowed down a selection of wines based on his or her expert opinion. But the fact that passionate wine enthusiasts like to socialise with sommeliers does not mean that those who are not wine experts (yet) should be afraid of them or embarrassed. On the contrary.

Sommeliers know: it is not true that you have to know a lot about wines in order to enjoy them. Anyone can enjoy a correctly opened, aired and poured glass of wine. And those who were not aware that their palates were talented for wine tasting, often enjoy the experience even more.

Combining wine with food is, as the French say, a “marriage”. A marriage brought together by the sommelier. The wine should fit the dish. A grand dish requires a grand wine, and vice versa. As a sommelier, I know every recipe in great detail; this is the only way to help the guest choose the perfect wine for the selected dish.


Are you, too, one of those travellers who prefer old buildings with a history to new ones, especially if you can enjoy a delicious meal inside? While walking from the Velenje Castle to the Šalek castle, you will see from afar the romantic silhouette of Vila Herberstein, which offers just the experience for you. Welcome to the former home of baron von Ritter, Josef Erder and Countess Marie Anne von Herberstein.

The renowned suburban Vila Herberstein, built in late 19th century, was entirely restored by the company Gorenje in the 1970s. Its romantic appearance was preserved on the outside as well as the inside.

The only thing that moved on with the times was our culinary offer. At moderate prices we offer light and contemporary culinary creations, prepared with fresh, mainly local ingredients; original creations prepared by one of the best Slovene chefs who also received the Michelin star, Andrej Kuhar.

– Stanko Brunšek, director of Gorenje Gostinstvo, d.o.o.